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At good morning news we are always looking for news stories so that we can keep you up to date with the latest news. We also like to hear from our viewers about if they have any suggestions on reports we can do or report on amazing people,stories and the news. This email address is our only public email address for our viewers so any other enquries about support or how you may be upset about something in one of our news reports please let us know.

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Our main news will be broadcasted live from Monday-Friday at 7:30am, each day you will be brought up to date with the latest (main) news/headlines and you may find that we have a live interview or reporter somewhere regarding a report we are broadcasting. We do read most of your comments so anything that you liked about the programme or want us to improve on let us know as we do take (most) feedback on-board. A-side from all that we also post news reports mainly from our new main reports Hugh Murphy & Nihar Vaidya.

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PRESENTERS: Hugh Murphy, Nihar Vaidya, Audrey Pickering, Lucas Baja & Alex Chrystomou


We are very much proud of our website as we have a offical domain which anyone on the internet can access. On our website we update across the day usally at: 7:40am,11:30am,4:00pm,7:00pm. We have all our reporters and journalist team having access to this website so they can update you on any breaking news and main news headlines that we think you should be aware off. On our website we have your regional news tabs, your top stories and the latest weather in partnership with the met office.


For those who find them self's mainly on twitter don't worry as we post all the latest news on there, in the late afternoon. We attach basic info on the news story and a link which all you need to do is click on to access more info on that report. You may also find that we re-post some news or tweets from other twitter users as this info can still be important even if it is not from us. We also have special prizes on our twitter page so make sure to follow us on twitter at: @GmnMorning / The Young Journalist

Good Morning News Studio

Good Morning News has shared in ruff location so that people see where we film and how actually we have a studio room at home and not somewhere like a office studio room. We also like any letters or thing like that which you would like us to read on the our social media networks. Please be aware that only some of your messages are shared. We have also sent our location as soon (after covid) we can have all our reports and interviewers/guests into our studio.


Our Journalists have got instagram pages dedicated to bring you the latest news and their own personal stories! See Hugh Murphy the GMN Founder & Owner instagram!