The world's tallest slide in Stratford

The Arcelomittal orbit, opened it doors in 2016 with 12 turns and goes at around 15mph. It is named the longest slide in the world with many enjoying the ride. Hugh went to slide in stratford.

Hugh's Review: " I was very much nervous and scared to go on the ride but enjoyed with views on london some of the way, the ride went rather fast (15mph) and has 12 turns. The ride takes around 40 seconds and is not for the fain hearted".

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Galaxy A22 5G

The product has some incredible features with 3 cameras with lots of good visual quality and it has a high storage amount meaning take as many photos as your like. You can also change your type of photo by maybe adding credits or changing the lighting if you are taking a picture of something old or a picture of your food.

It comes with EE app and it can help to support you with set-up and monthly plans. The product is good and would give it a 8/10. If you want really high quality photos might need a better one.

Price- £209.00 | Galaxy Store

(Symfonisk) Ikea/Sonos Speaker and Lamp
Wifi speaker with 180-degree sound and a lamp base in one makes sound blend into the home. Choose between a white or black speaker and complement with a glass or textile lamp shade. Then enjoy the sound – a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos! This product can't be connected directly to a television set but they can act as rear speakers in a Sonos Home system. Overall Rating: 9/10

Price- £199.00 | IKEA

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Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall was the north-west frontier of the Roman empire for nearly 300 years. It was built by the Roman army on the orders of the emperor Hadrian following his visit to Britain in AD 122.

Although it wall is less tall and it still has a quite a lot of the wall remaining, the wall is around 70 miles long and you can even walk it via the footpaths set up.

I even climbed the wall and it was rather thrilling to know that once this wall is key in keeping the scots and brits apart.

The wall itself is now not the border as the scottish border has moved further north. You can also walk both sided of the wall as their are cracks in sections of the walls ends.

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Edinburgh is a very unique ,vibrant, and remote city.

The city is self is placed around 1hr away from the border, and the city is self has a population of around 500,000 and in the summer according to locals it goes up to around 1.1million people during the edinburgh festival.

The city is-self is very city vibes now but still has areas of the city which are unique such as Edinburgh Castle which is placed a castle rock.

The people their are a more friendly, and also have a very unique task in culture and social interactions.

8.5/10- Good Morning News Review