The world's tallest slide in Stratford

The Arcelomittal orbit, opened it doors in 2016 with 12 turns and goes at around 15mph. It is named the longest slide in the world with many enjoying the ride. Hugh went to slide in stratford.

Hugh's Review: " I was very much nervous and scared to go on the ride but enjoyed with views on london some of the way, the ride went rather fast (15mph) and has 12 turns. The ride takes around 40 seconds and is not for the fain hearted".

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What it is like doing Interviews?

Being a Young Journalist presenting programme is something that I love but when it comes to interview with amazing,important and inspiring people it can be sometimes rather neve racking but after a couple of meeting pre-recording speaking to them you learn a little bit about then and you also can ask then maybe on of the questions before presenting so that they know what the question are going to be like.

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Galaxy A22 5G

The product has some incredible features with 3 cameras with lots of good visual quality and it has a high storage amount meaning take as many photos as your like. You can also change your type of photo by maybe adding credits or changing the lighting if you are taking a picture of something old or a picture of your food.

It comes with EE app and it can help to supp