'People who catch Covid-19 and flu at same time twice as likely to die compared to just coronavirus'

Anyone who catches both Covid and flu at the same time is twice as likely to die, compared to if they only had coronavirus, a health expert has warned.

Former deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries said the UK faces an uncertain winter with both diseases circulating at the same time and urged anyone eligible for flu or Covid-19 vaccines to take up the offer to protect themselves.

75% of adults are vaccinated

More than 75% of adults in the UK have now received both doses of a Covid vaccine, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced.

A total of 86,780,455 doses have been administered in the UK, with 47,091,889 people receiving a first dose (89%) and 39,688,566 people receiving both doses (75%), according to the latest statistics.

Boris Johnson has praised the vaccine rollout as a "huge national achievement, which we should all be proud of."

The prime minister said: "Our incredible vaccine rollout has now provided vital protection against the virus to three-quarters of all UK adults."