EasyJet flights cancelled

EasyJet has cancelled more flights at Gatwick Airport, leaving some passengers stranded on the Jubilee bank holiday long weekend.

Following days of delays, at least 20 flights have been cancelled by the budget airline, while 17 were marked as delayed on Saturday (4 June).

A further 16 flights urged passengers to contact easyJet, suggesting they were also cancelled.

200 flight were cancelled this week, which the airline said was necessary to provide reliable services.

The airline has blamed the "small portion" of cancellations on air traffic control restrictions at Gatwick and problems with ground operations at several airports, including at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

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Aircraft has a parking fee of $100,000

Airport parking fees can often feel steep, But one aircraft's current bill might make even the most hardened traveler's eyes water.

A massive cargo plane stuck at a Canadian airport has currently racked up parking fees of more than C$100,000 (£64,000).

The Antonov AN-124 jet, owned by Volga-Dneper and registered as RA-82078, has been stranded at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport since 27 February.

In a case of “wrong place, wrong time”, the aircraft happened to be at the airport after delivering a shipment of rapid Covid tests when Canada introduced a ban on all Russian-owned or registered planes using its airspace.

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Wizz Air flight forced to return after lightning test

A Wizz Air flight was forced to return to its departure point on Monday after being struck by lightning while still ascending.

The Hungarian budget carrier confirmed the incident, which took place on flight W67902 on Monday evening, in a statement this morning.

“Following a lightning strike during the climb, the pilot returned to Tirana to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew on board,” said an airline spokesperson, adding that the aircraft had landed safely in Tirana.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority at all times.”

The flight had departed Albania’s Tirana airport at 5.03pm, climbing north over Thumane before turning west and heading south, bound for its destination of Abu Dhabi.

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Nasa prepares first all-electric airplane for test flight

Propeller-driven aircraft could be about to go electric: Nasa is preparing for the first test flight of its experimental all-electric X-57 aircraft later this year, an airplane powered not by aviation gasoline, but by the same lithium-ion batteries you might find in a laptop computer.

The X-57 flight demonstrator project was launched in 2016 with the goal of exploring all-electric propulsion in hopes of developing more efficient, more environmentally friendly aircraft. Aviation makes up about two per cent of global CO2 emissions, according to the International civil Aviation organization, and Nasa notes that, unlike automotive gasoline, aviation gasoline still contains lead, albeit lower levels, and is a leading cause of lead pollution in the environment.

The X-57 is currently scheduled to take its first test flight sometime in July.

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Five marines were killed when an osprey aircraft crashed in the Californian desert

Five Marines were killed when an Osprey aircraft crashed in the California desert, the US Marine Corps has confirmed.

The Marine Corps craft came down during training in a remote area of Imperial County near Highway 78 and the town of Glamis, around 30 miles north of the Mexican border, and more than 150 miles east of San Diego on Wednesday.

“We mourn the loss of our Marines in this tragic mishap. Our hearts go out to their families and friends as they cope with this tragedy,” said Maj. Gen. Bradford J Gering, commanding general of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in a statement.

The Marine Corps has not named the five victims of the accident in line with a policy not to do so until 24 hours after “all next of kin notifications have been completed.”

The tiltrotor aircraft had five Marines onboard and was based at Camp Pendleton with Marine Aircraft Group 39 and was part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing headquartered at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

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Passengers are in shock on a united flight as man climbs on the aircrafts wing

Passengers on a United flight watched in disbelief on Monday as a fellow traveller was able to open a plane’s emergency exit door and walk on to the aircraft’s wing.

United flight 2478 from San Diego had landed at Chicago O’Hare shortly after 4am when the incident occurred.

As the plane taxied to gate B3, the unidentified male passenger pulled open the emergency exit and climb out onto the wing, before he “slid down onto the airfield” and was pulled into custody by local police.

A fellow passenger, Mary-Ellen Eagleton, told Chicago’s WGN9 news channel that others on the plane had shouted “No! no! no!” and a flight attendant had quickly run down the aisle to ask what had happened.

“Everyone was just surprised and kind of shocked,” she said

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Tara air plane crash

The wreckage of a plane which went missing with 22 people onboard has been found in the mountains of Nepals's Mustang district, the army said on Monday.

Almost 24 hours after it went missing, search and rescue troops were able to "physically locate" the plane’s crash site in Sanosware, Thasang-2, Nepal Army spokesperson brigadier general Narayan Silwal announced on Twitter.

Fourteen bodies have been located so far at the crash site, with rescuers continuing to search for others. The government suspects that all passengers aboard have “lost their lives”, home ministry spokesperson Phadindra Mani Pokhrel told news agency ANI.

“Our preliminary assessment shows that no one could have survived the plane crash, but an official statement is due.”

Sudarshan Bartuala, a spokesperson for the airline, told The Kathmandu Post that the “bodies have been scattered over a 100-metre radius from the main impact point”.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 15/6/22 11:30am

Airbus A321XLR successfully carries out first flight

The latest incarnation of the Airbus A321, the XLR has carried out its first flight from Airbus’ final assembly line at Hamburg-Finkenwerder airport.

Getting airborne just after 11am (CEST) MSN11000 flew for 4 hours and 25 minutes testing the basic handling of the aircraft and flight envelope protection systems at high and low speeds.

Philippe Mhun, Airbus EVP Programmes and Services stated: This is a major milestone for the A320 Family and its customers worldwide. With the A321XLR coming into service, airlines will be able to offer long-haul comfort on a single-aisle aircraft, thanks to its unique Airspace cabin. The A321XLR will open new routes with unbeatable economics and environmental performance.”

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 16/6/22 11:22am

Travel chaos at London Heathrow

Thousands of holidaymakers are stuck overseas after the cancellation of flights to the UK, leaving those abroad wondering how they'll get home.

And, as more flights get delayed or cancelled, stories of families being stranded days after they were meant to be flying home are becoming more commonplace.

London airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow have been some of the hardest hit by staff shortages and cancellations - with British Airways cancelling more than 120 flights to and from Heathrow alone.

Planned strike action at the UK's largest airport, Heathrow, is only expected to add to the disruption being felt by holidaymakers.

EasyJet customers have been hobbled by last-minute cancellations, the majority of which were meant to depart from Gatwick.

The aviation industry has said it is struggling to attract new workers after thousands were axed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 16/6/22 11:26am

Ryanair news of a huge backlash from South Africans

The low-cost airline is abandoning the controversial reqierment after receiving a huge backlash from South Africans, with some accusing Ryanair of racial discrimination.

The apparent U-turn was announced by Michael O'Leary, chief executive of Ryanair, during a news conference in Brussels on Tuesday.

"We didn't think it was appropriate either," he told reporters when questioned about the test, which was apparently introduced due to a surge in counterfeit South African passports. "So we have ended the Afrikaans test, because it doesn't make any sense."

O'Leary went on to state that, "South Africa needs to fix its problems."

A spokesperson for Ryanair has since confirmed to CNN that O'Leary's comments regarding the removal of the test are accurate.

News of the test, which featured questions related to South African general knowledge, came to public attention in May after a passenger flying from Portugal tweeted that he'd been asked to complete "a two-page test in Afrikaans" before being allowed to board his flight to London.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 16/6/22 11:28am

Spice Jet airplane has to make emergency landing after wing caught on fire

A Delhi-bound Spice Jet aircraft made an emergency landing at Patna airport after there were reports of a technical glitch which prompted fire inside the plane. All the passengers were safely rescued. "The Delhi-bound flight had returned to Patna airport after locals noticed a fire in the aircraft and informed district and airport officials. All 185 passengers were safely deboarded. The reason is a technical glitch, engineering team analyzing further," Chandrashekhar Singh, Patna District Magistrate told media persons.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 20/6/22 11:24am

Photographer caught flying a

homemade dingy in the south pacific

A photographer has been spotted flying a homemade dinghy over The Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, in a bid to capture some

unexplored areas.

Ben Neale, 37, from Australia, put the 8,000-piece aircraft together himself without instructions, and the project took two months to


"I sailed a boat with the flying boat on the deck there and used it as a photography platform," he said of the hours he got to spend in

the air.

The footage is on Gallery Earth and can be bought to raise funds for NGOs.

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JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 20/6/22 11:24am

Passengers are led to safety after 1930s de Havilland Dragon Rapide bi-plane CRASHES at Duxford Air Show after 'strong gust of wind'

Passengers were led to safety after a 1930s aircraft was damaged and left tilted in the air in a 'minor incident' at an airshow this morning

The WW2-era biplane, said to be carrying eight passengers and a pilot, was pictured almost vertical moments after the front-end of the plane crashed into the ground.

One witness said they thought the plane - a de Havilland Dragon Rapide - 'nose-dived or the front wheel failed on landing.'

Firefighters were seen next to the plane after the incident, which happened during a summer airshow at Duxford Imperial War Museum near Cambridge.

IWM Duxford said the aircraft did not nose dive into the ground but tilted forward upon landing and emphasised that no one was injured.

Paul Hodson, who photographed the aftermath of the crash, said there was a 'strong gust of wind' when it happened.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 20/6/22 11:27am

A passenger with restricted mobility has died at Gatwick Airport after leaving an aircraft.

Gatwick said staff were helping to disembark three passengers with restricted mobility at the time, including the man's partner.

He decided to leave the EasyJet plane rather than wait for staff to return and fell while going up an escalator, an airport spokesman said.

Sussex Police confirmed the 82-year-old man died at 12:50 BST on Wednesday.

Gatwick cuts summer flights to staff shortages

The Gatwick spokesman said the passenger made a short walk to the escalator from the runway to the Skybridge, which takes passengers to the north terminal.

He said EasyJet cabin crew were closest to the man, so provided medical attention before the airport's medical staff arrived.

An airline spokesman said: "A number of our cabin crew provided medical assistance to a passenger at Gatwick Airport whilst waiting for paramedics to arrive.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 20/6/22 11:29am

A pilot spotted boarding luggage on a plane

A pilot has been spotted helping the ground crew at a Scots airport load a plane as travel strikes and staff shortages rage on.

Footage has captured him lifting the luggage onto a conveyor belt ahead of an Edelweiss Air flight taking off from Edinburgh airport.

A passenger, appearing to film the scene from inside the plane, posted the video online with the caption: "That's a can do attitude!!!"

It comes amid ongoing disruption at UK airports as airlines struggle with a shortage in workers and a rise in demand in recent months.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 21/6/22 11:17am

Tata Group-owned Air India is considering buying more than 200 new planes with 70 per cent of them being narrow-bodied aircraft, aviation industry sources said on Sunday.

While Air India has zeroed in on Airbus's A350 wide-bodied aircraft for the procurement, the talks with Airbus and Boeing for narrow-bodied aircraft is still on, they said.

A wide-bodied plane like Airbus A350 has a bigger fuel tank that allows it to travel longer distances such as the India-US routes.

Air India has not bought a single aircraft since 2006 when it placed orders for purchasing 111 aircraft — 68 from the US-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing and 43 from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

The Tata Group took control of Air India on January 27th after successfully winning the bid for the airline on October 8 last year.

On the sidelines of 78th annual general meeting of the International Air Transport Association, aviation industry sources said Air India is considering buying 200 new planes. The share of narrow-bodied aircraft to that of wide-bodied planes will be 70:30.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 21/6/22 11:20am

Pilot experiencing technical issues crashes in Texas lake, rescued by paddleboarders

After a pilot crashed into a lake in Austin, Texas, paddleboarders on the water came to the rescue, pulling the pilot to safety.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 21/6/22 11:25am

How an old Air New Zealand plane could help make flying greener

An old Air New Zealand jet has been transformed into a flying eco tester by Boeing - with the aim of making aviation more sustainable.

The 20-year-old 777-200ER will be used to test 30 new technologies.

Some of the tests include a water and weight conservation system, which will see sink water used to flush toilets.

Other technologies being investigated include 3D printing of parts to make planes lighter and more environmental.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 21/6/22 11:28am

Trade welcomes cuts in summer flying as airport slot rules frozen

Agents welcomed moves to cut airline schedules at the busiest airports this summer despite the additional work required to rebook customers.The goverment announced an ‘amnesty’ on use-it-or-lose-it airport slot rules on Tuesday, making it easier for carriers to cancel flights without losing slots. The amnesty came after Gatwick capped flight numbers for July and August, and easyJet – the biggest operator at Gatwick – announced a cull of more than 10,000 flights.

EasyJet capacity for July to September will now be about 90% of 2019’s level, when the carrier previously planned to operate 97% or 160,000 flights.

Chief executive Johan Lundgren declined to put a number on the cancellations, saying: “We need to work this through.” But he insisted: “The vast majority of passengers won’t be affected.”

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 22/6/22 11:28am

Huge Jumbo Jet a380 returns to the sky

The iconic Airbus A380 super jumbo jet - the world’s biggest passenger plane - had somewhat fallen out of favour with airlines before and during the pandemic.

Various carriers retired the giant double-decker aircraft from their fleet in recent years, including Air France, while Thai Airways and Malaysia Airlines put their models up for sale.

But the A380’s fortunes may be on the up, after several airlines revealed they have put them back into service to cope with the sudden surge in travel demand as Covid restrictions are eased around the world.

Singapore Airlines and Qantas have returned the jet to service, soon to be followed by Japanese carrier ANA and South Korea’s Asiana Airlines.

Qantas has started flying 10 of its 12-strong fleet of the four-engine jet.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 24/6/22 11:22am

Russian plane crash: ‘Four dead’ as military flight headed to Ukraine border ‘suffers engine failure

Four people were killed on early Friday after a Russian military cargo plane crashed in Moscow’s western city Ryazan.

The plane — II-76 military cargo aircraft — crashed and caught fire while trying to make a landing the Russian city.

Five people were hospitalised with injuries, state news agency RIA said.

The Interfax news agency separately quoted Russia's defence ministry as saying the plane had suffered an engine malfunction while on a training flight. The ministry gave no details of crew deaths.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 24/6/22 11:25am

Miami plane crash: New web cam video emerges as pregnant woman among seven hurt

A pregnant woman was reportedly among the seven passengers injured when a pane carrying 126 people caught fire when its landing gear collapsed on the runway at Miami International Airport.

The flight from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, crashed onto the tarmac at around 5.30pm on Tuesday, coming to a stop near the runway.

Miami-Dade aviation department spokesperson Greg Chin said three people were taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries, while the remaining passengers were bussed from the site of the accident to the terminal. In total, seven passengers were reported injured – including a pregnant woman, airline RED Air later confirmed to local news outlets.

Lauding the pilot for ensuring that the aircraft “stopped in a position so rescue equipments can access the airplane”, aviation expert Scott Harrington told CBS News it was a miracle that more people were not hurt.

Meanwhile, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have started a probe into the incident, as they attempt to determine what caused the landing gear to collapse.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 24/6/22 11:27am

4 killed in russian cargo plane crash

An Ilyushin Il-76 military cargo plane crashed and caught fire while landing near Russia's western city of Ryazan on Friday, killing four of the nine people on board, the RIA news agency reported, citing local authorities.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 24/6/22 11:30am

TUI plane takes off and circles in sky for two hours before turning back to airport

A TUI plane was forced to return to Manchester Airport after a "technical issue" today.

The Boeing 767, heading to Cape Verde, was scheduled to depart at 9.25am but was delayed by over an hour.

A 'Squawk 7700' emergency was issued shortly after take-off, with the aircraft repeatedly circling over the Peak District before landing at the airport around 1.15pm.

Flight tracking site Flightradar24 showed the emergency call was issued 14 minutes into the flight.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 28/6/22 11:28am

Air New Zealand launches bunk beds for economy passengers

Air New Zealand has unveiled its designs for new economy bunk beds that will be bookable on flights from 2024.

The “Skynest” sleep pods are stacked three bunks high and will be available to economy and premium economy travellers, with a slim, hostel-style bunk, basic pillow and blanket behind a curtain.

The pods will be bathed in a “soothing pink light” to aid sleep. Rather than being traditional seats to book for the whole flight, economy travellers will reserve a pod for a four-hour slot as an add-on to an economy seat, to get a few hours’ kip during the journey.

They’ll be available on eight new Dreamliners due to be delivered to the carrier in 2024, as well as on a series of existing Boeing 787-9s which will be re-fitted with the new-style cabins.

It’s the first lie-flat bed to come to any economy class - though the airline has yet to reveal the price for what is sure to be a hot ticket, with just six on board each aircraft.

JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 29/6/22 11:21am

Video shows what a bizarre nuclear

-powered ‘flying hotel’ could look like

A video showing ambitious designs for a flying “hotel of the future”, which could host 5,000 guests and remain airborne for years at a time, has divided the internet.

The hulking jet, which looks somewhere between a cruise ship and a space station floating above the clouds, was shown in a CGI video posted by animator Hashem Al-Ghaili on YouTube.

Designers say the aircraft would be powered by nuclear energy, piloted by AI and have its own disc-shaped observation tower in which passengers could see incredible skyscapes from above the clouds.

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JosephSmyth goodmorningnews 29/6/22 11:25am