Hydrogen car sales almost doubled last year

according to analyst IDTechEx, 2021 saw an 82% year-on-year increase in fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) sales. Global sales of Toyota’s Mirai rose from 1,770 vehicles in 2020 to 5,918 in 2021, while Hyundai’s Nexo saw demand grow from 6,781 in 2020 to 9,620 last year.

Good Morning News, 11:30AM 3/3/22 JosephSmyth Travel Editor

New Audi a6 E-Tron concept

Avant and sportback, This is great news, because as well as being a fantastic looking thing, it’s proof that Audi will stick with estates as it transitions to an all-electric future.

4.96 metres long, 1.96 metres wide and 1.44 metres high

The electric A6 will be based on Audi and Porsche’s upcoming PPE platform, which means 800 volt architecture and fast charging speeds of up to 270kW. The floor-mounted battery will be roughly 100kWh and should provide up to 435 miles of WLTP range in certain specs. Looks really cool in my eyes

Good Morning News, 11:21AM 3/3/22 JosephSmyth Travel Editor